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One and Only is now called Change of Heart!

One and Only got a makeover!
Cade and Charlotte's book is now called Change of Heart and it is now Book 5 of The Sweetbriar Mountain Series.
-Same story
-New title
-New Cover
-New series name

PLUS: A brand new bonus epilogue!


In My Heart
New edit - MORE LUKE!

When I started Luke and Lily's book, I didn't intend to make it a series.

But then Rose and all of Lily's other siblings—not to mention Liam—started making demands in my brain so I had to keep writing! 

I wanted In My Heart to match the dual POV of the others, so I reached out to my awesome editor friend, Nicole, from Emerald Edits and asked her to help me flip a few chapters and add a few new ones to include more of Luke's perspective. 

I love how it turned out. 

But most of all I loved getting into Luke's head! He's the most loyal, faithful, loving hero I've ever written.

I hope you enjoy In My Heart!

Oh Brother!

The Monroe Brothers have moved out of the Green Valley Library series and into a series of their own called Oh Brother!!

What this means:

These are the same stories, now in their own series, with beautiful brand new packaging!

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