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Architecture and Artistry


"I loved everything from start to finish of this book. The build up, the sisters, the kids, the brothers, the work, all the feels and all the revelations. I had a blast and loved them all even more than before (hard to top because I loved the Monroes and Hills pretty much before)."

- Luisa, Goodreads


Sadie Hill has a lot going on.


New job, twin boys, deadbeat ex, and a mother from hell.

Her life is chaos and no matter how hard she holds on, every plan she makes flies straight out of her grasp.

The last thing she needs is for her devastatingly hot co-worker to become her new neighbor. A distraction like Barrett does not fit into her precarious plans for the future.


Barrett Monroe has got it going on.


His wicked ex-wife is nothing but a memory, his daughter is back home where she belongs, and he loves his job.

His control-freak ways have paid off and he can finally relax into his perfectly scheduled life—alone, just how he wants it.

The last thing he needs is an irresistible single mom and her adorable kids to move in next door. Sadie was hard enough to stay away from when she was just his co-worker.


But one night spent stranded in a snowstorm together finds these two sneaking around, sharing stolen kisses, and losing their hearts.


Will they give into the flying sparks between them?

Or drive each other crazy fighting their feelings instead?

‘Architecture and Artistry’ is a full-length contemporary romance and can be read as a standalone. Book #4 in the Oh Brother! series, Green Valley Chronicles, Penny Reid Book Universe.

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