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Change of Heart


CHANGE OF HEART is a top-notch second chance romance. It's full of pining and spice and the sweetest cinnamon roll cop ever known. The ups and downs of Cade and Charlotte took me for a slightly angsty ride and it was glorious."

-Elizabeth, Goodreads Review


He’s Sweetbriar’s most devoted cop, my ex-husband, and the man I’ve avoided for the last ten years.

He might also be my only hope.


Cade Barrett was my first crush, my first kiss, my first everything.

I thought we’d last forever.

But we wanted different things out of life.

He was a hometown boy through and through,

While my ambitions reached far beyond our small town.


So we let each other go and I left to chase my dreams.

Now I’m back with a secret—the dangerous kind.

He vowed to keep me safe.

While I promised myself to guard my heart.


Until one accidental kiss reignited the fire between us.

And it was hotter than ever before.


Will one final night together extinguish the flames?

Or should I stay and take the one and only chance I have to get him back?

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