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The Barrett Sisters Series

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In My Heart

Luke was my first love, my first kiss, my first everything.

He always swore I was his reason to live but he lost himself in the army then I lost him.


I never thought I could be with anyone after him, but I was.


I never thought I’d go back to the small town where we grew up, but I did.


Running back to my family as a thirty-year-old widow was never in my life plan. But for the sake of my children, I returned home to the memories I had fought so hard to leave behind.


I didn’t know Luke was back too. With only one thing on his mind. Me.


Our past brought us back together but if we can’t trust each other, it will tear us apart.


Heart Words

The last person I wanted to see was the hot jerk who broke my heart.


Unfortunately, his daughter is the newest and most adorable kindergartner in my class, and he is the newest, hottest, and most annoyingly determined cop in town.


Falling for Trevor again was not part of my plan.

Burying my feelings, avoiding him at all costs, and keeping him out of my heart. That was the plan.


But this flame flickering between us refuses to die and he still seems to be everything I’ve ever wanted. Protective, sexy, and kind, and that doesn’t even get into how I feel when I see him with his kids.


He asked me for a second chance.

But how can I take it when it feels like we never really took the first one?


Heart to Heart

Just friends.

That’s all Liam Carter and I can ever be.


Sure, we’ve shared a kiss or two and our chemistry is off the charts.

And yeah, he’s too hot to be real and he looks at me like I’m the only woman in the world...


Pretending I don’t want to date him when he’s the sweetest man I’ve ever met is almost impossible.


But I can’t have him. 


After what he went through, he deserves a fairytale.

And I’m bad at love, with the reputation to match.

Add those to the rest of the reasons why I should keep my distance.


But here’s the big one:

 Did I mention we work together now?


I’m the hot mess trying to start up a new business and he’s the got-it-all-together contractor in charge of the renovation.

The more time we spend together, the more I want—until I want it all.

How am I supposed to resist him now?


From the Heart

I was his one who got away, or so he said.


Falling for Jake was not part of my plan. I should have stuck to rebuilding my life as a divorcee.


My ex-husband’s irresistible best friend was the last kind of complication I needed at this point in my life even though he was the one I saw first all those years ago.

Being with Jake was a risk I was afraid to take but I couldn’t resist him and he knew it.


And after spending years with the wrong man, I finally feel wanted, beautiful, adored.

But now things are even more tangled because our one accidental night together has me unexpectedly expecting.


Will he be the one to stay?

Or become my one who got away?

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