In My Heart

Growing up, Lily and Luke were everything to each other.

He was her rock. She was his reason to live.

Ending up together was inevitable—until it wasn’t.


Years later, Lily wants one thing.

To spend a quiet summer with her kids settling into their new life in her old hometown. But her long lost first love, nosy family, and an inept, yet scary stalker won’t leave her in peace.


Luke also wants one thing. He wants Lily back.

He’s out of the army, recovered from his injuries and wants to reclaim his life.


Lily isn’t ready to trust. Luke won’t open up.

Will their second chance at first love be over before it begins?

Or can they find their way back into each other’s hearts?


Heart Words

The last person Rose wants to see is the man who broke her heart.
Unfortunately, his daughter is the newest and most adorable kindergartner in her class, and he is the newest, hottest, and most annoyingly determined cop in town.

Trevor knows how it looks. He screwed up. He has to make her understand and he’s willing to grovel to make it happen.
Unfortunately, Rose buries feelings like it’s her job, she’s an expert at avoidance, and he is number one on her list of people to hide from.

With the flame that never died still flickering between them and Trevor’s past resurfacing to haunt him, can he win Rose’s heart?

Is it possible to get a second chance when it felt like you never really took the first one?

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