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One and Only

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I kept telling myself to stay away

but then he kissed me…


Protective. Gorgeous. Sweet as sin.

Those are just three things that made Detective Caden Barrett impossible to resist.


I should know since, after high school graduation, I married him.

I had promised to love him forever and he tattooed my name on his chest.

But beneath it beats the heart I had to break when I left our small town.


Now, after vowing I’d never return and risk hurting him again, I’m back home and I have a secret—the dangerous kind.

Hiding out, working, and avoiding my stalker were my plans until I crashed back into Cade.


That one accidental kiss we shared?

It reignited the fire between us. 

Can one last night together extinguish the heat before I have to go?


Or should I stay and convince him to take the one and only chance we have to get it all back?



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