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Midnight Clear

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Sometimes destiny crashes into your backyard.

But what's a girl to do if destiny takes the form of an unconscious, naked man?


A newly inherited home in the small town of Stars Crossing was supposed to be Anna's fresh start. It didn't take long for one cheating manchild to ruin that. Now she is done with the holidays and done with men. Anna is going to have a one gal pity party with some boozy hot cocoa and bad movies. That is until a wounded stranger crashes into her life. Now her new year starts by nursing an unconscious sex god who can't remember who he is... or how to wear pants.


He is running out of time. He must finish his mission. Unfortunately after an accident critically wounds him, he can't remember what that mission is. Between the amnesia and the beautiful woman grumpily set on helping him, he's got to find his focus. Lives are at stake. Anna's distractions are far too pleasing and his feelings for her are getting harder to ignore. 


The clock is ticking down and these two have no idea what the new year has in store for them. All they do know is their attraction seems to defy gravity.


How can they fight a love that seems written in the stars?




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