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Let it Snow

Three stories One book! Spend a year with Jake and Violet!.jpg

Visit small town Sweetbriar for Christmas!

Spend the year with Jake and Violet!

TWO Christmas novellas and one full length novel!




All is NOT calm. But it’s looking pretty bright.


Violet has had the best year of her life and it’s about to get even better.

Her new marriage is thriving, she’s hosting her coffee shop’s annual holiday party, and her daughter is due to be the best Christmas present ever.

She planned everything perfectly. She simply won't allow anything to ruin the holiday of her dreams.


Jake has never been more content in his life, so why is he so worried?

His beautiful wife is carrying their baby and every day he's thankful he gets to love her.

Their next big adventure is coming any day and he’s determined to be a real hands-on dad—but has Violet planned to let him?


Will Violet realize once and for all that he’s there to stay and let him in?

Or will she get carried away by her fears instead?

Coming November 21st to Kindle Unlimited

Preorder your copy today!

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